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We are committed to building holistic sustainable communities through our involvement in community education, networking, and action.

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Service and Products Focus

Development 55%
Workshops and Worklabs 25%
Production Solutions 20%



Biochar Northwest develops business, academic, and governmental constellations for the emerging biochar/biofuel industry. We are committed to building collaborative networks which bring local businesses together within a sustainable economic development process which is designed and conducted without depletion of raw natural resources. Therefore, our goal is to initiate businesses into the local biochar/biofuel industry as partners of a world wide effort to cool the planet, grow nutritious food, and heal the biosphere.

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Workshops and Worklabs

We work with academic, business, government, and non-profit organizations in the development of trained cadre who provide experiential education and skill development within their respective sphere of activities on the matter of conversion of biomass into biofuels, biochar, and other by-products. Specifically, our consultants introduce profitable and self-sustaining business, educational, and environmental opportunities, including benefits derived through biochar and biofuel production.

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Product Solutions

BIOCHAR NORTHWEST instigates and demonstrates to our clients “the how” of many opportunities for profitable business development, enhancement of STEM learning goals, carbon sequestration, and fund-raising for educational and non-profit institutions through the production of biofuel, biochar, and other related by-products.

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